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Association's Aims

The Association’s aims

ASSOIMMOBILIARE, Italian Real Estate Industry Association, is a member of Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry).

The Association represents the main players in the real estate market, which include leading property management companies,listed real estate companies, the main international companies operating in Italy and institutions that finance property transactions including through real estate investment funds.

The Association, with its eight round tables/committees, studies, analyses and processes economic and legal data on the real estate industry.

The Association draws up proposals and programmes based on precise date furnished by its round tables/committees and acts as the industry's spokesperson vis-à-vis the government, media and society as whole regarding the solutions that the industry proposes for local and national economic development. Indeed, the country's development is increasing conditioned by its fixed assets comprising buildings, infrastructure and the environment. By fostering capital investment and actively managing property assets, the real estate industry is an indispensable tool at the service of the country.

Although the Italian real estate industry has grown significantly in recent years, it still accounts for a smaller share of the national economy compared to in other countries.

Its future development will thus depend to a large extent on that of the entire economy.

A modern and efficient real estate industry creates value for the country and leverages its resources.

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