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Represent and protect the real estate industry’s interests in all arenas, institutional and private, national and international as well as promote its work, role and development.

The real estate industry is made up of businesses that are producers of real value and invests in human capital, technology and business organisation. It constitute a veritable infrastructure at the service of the country’s economy.

ASSOIMMOBILIARE is a point of reference for businesses that operate in the various sector of the real estate industry:

  • Agency and Franchising
  • Asset and Fund Management
  • Facility and Property Management /Global Service
  • Finance/Credit Service-Factoring
  • Advisory and Consultancy
  • Property Companies and Properties Funds
  • Associations, Bodies, Foundations and Organisations

The businesses that make up ASSOIMMOBILIARE provide advanced property services ranging from management and administration, finance and insurance to advisory services in line with what is now the norm in advanced economies where the activities pertaining to the financial, insurance and real estate markets (FIRE) are now fully integrated.

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